This epic ship features the U.S.S SulacoConestoga-class troop transport ship from the smash hit sci-fi movie 1986 film 'Aliens'.

The ship carries the 2nd Battalion Bravo Team to the orbit of LV-426 so they can take a dropship to the surface and investigate the loss of contact with a colony there. Ellen Ripley, one of the few people to ever visit the planetoid before, joins them as a special advisor.

This U.S.S Sulaco model ship measures over 20 cm long and produced in a combination of die-cast and high-quality ABS plastic capturing its elongated form, which looks like a 'gun in space'. 

This U.S.S Sulaco is a limited edition collectable, only 3000 worldwide, and each ship comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity, ready to add to your Alien & Predator figurine Collection. 

Aliens U.S.S Sulaco

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