Released to theatres in 1979, Alien became one of the
most successful films of the year and has since grown
to be a timeless sci-fi classic. To celebrate the film’s
40th Anniversary, NECA is releasing an ongoing series
comprised of new releases all year long, with at least
nine different Limited Edition action figures to collect.
Each release will be a limited production run, so act
Wave 4 will include previously released fan favourites
Ripley(Compression Suit), Lambert(Compression Suit),
and Giger's Alien, with various upgrades and
improvements. Both Ripley & Lambert will feature
photo real facial deco of Sigourney Weaver and
Veronica Cartwright! Giger's Alien features new paint
deco based on HR Giger’s original concept artwork

NECA - The Alien (Giger) 7” Scale Action Figure – 40th Ann

  • NECA