Discover the brand-new Space: 1999 series of collectibles based on the hit TV show! Introducing the second edition in the series - the Eagle One Booster.

A cult classic of 70s sci-fi, the TV series Space: 1999 followed the spacefaring adventures of Moonbase Alpha, whose 311 personnel were left stranded when a massive nuclear explosion sent the Moon itself hurtling into deep space.

Designed by Academy Award-winning SFX director Brian Johnson (Alien, Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey), the Eagle One is the iconic hero ship of Space: 1999, and the primary transport for the crew of Moonbase Alpha. This modular vessel had many alternative configurations: it’s presented here with its booster pod module.

Powered by 4 fusion rockets, the Eagle One could reach speeds of 23,700 miles per second, and fly for up to 48 hours. The addition of booster units to its super-structure offered the Eagle One a substantial increase in flight range and power.

Measuring an impressive 25cm in length, the Eagle One Booster Ship is accompanied by a companion magazine packed with design info, interviews, and more.

Space:1999 Eagle One Booster Ship (Side Boosters)

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